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Leana Lovings is getting used to living with her stepbrother Lucky Fae. She likes to wear revealing outfits around the house, which Lucky enjoys perving on. Today, Lena Leana is on her belly with her miniskirt hiked up to show off her panties when Lucky walks in. Since Leana doesn’t notice him, Lucky takes the opportunity to look his fill. When Leana does eventually see her stepbro, she tells him not to peak since her door doesn’t close all the way.

Lucky takes it as an invitation to come ogle his hot stepsister. He thinks he’s being sneaky, but he stumbles into the door. Leana tells Lucky she doesn’t know if he’s always wanted a sister or if he wants to stick his dick in her tight pussy, then bounces into the bathroom. Lucky follows Leana, who leaves the door open just a bit and pulls his dick out to beat his meat. Leana’s mom comes up behind lucky and startles him, but that just gives Leana the opportunity to get on her knees and begin sucking his dick. They agree to do their best to hold the moan, and then Leana bends over the counter so Lucky can slam it into her from behind.

Relocating to the bedroom, the stepsiblings finally give in to their pent up horniness. Leana climbs aboard and rides the D in reverse cowgirl and then cowgirl. It feels so good that Leana’s eyes are soon rolling back in her head in pure delight. When Leana gets on her back, Lucky pounds that pussy so nice. She can’t get enough of her stepbrother’s nice dick jamming in and out of her greedy snatch. When Leana asks Lucky to cum all over her, he can only obey her every desire. Pulling out, Leana opens her thighs to give Lucky a landing spot right on her bare mound. Cum covered, she dredges her fingers through the treat and licks the tips with a sexy smile.

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