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Andi Rose has enlisted Scarlet Skies to help her set up some Christmas elf pranks for her stepbrother, Robby Echo. Robby is confused about the pranks since he didn’t think his stepsister was so sexual. The pranks get sexier and sexier as the days count down to Christmas, although they reveal to Robby that both girls watch porn. The third prank involves the elf getting double-teamed through a glory hole, which the girls hope will send Robby a clear message. When Robby still seems dense, Andi suggests they play Christmas elf games for real. Robby worries he might get too sexual for the girls, but they assure him it’ll be fine and he agrees.

Later, Andi and Scarlet walk back into the living room to see Robby dressed as a real-life elf. He has set up a lemonade stand with his dick out, implying his lemonade is piss. Andi jokes that she’s going to tell their parents and Robby goes to put his dick away thinking he’s really fucked up. The girls stop him and take what they’ve been after this whole time. Getting on their knees, Scarlet and Andy lick Robby’s dick like it’s an ice cream cone. There’s plenty of sucking going on, too, as the girls take turns enjoying their treat.

Now that Robby is on the same page, they relocate to the couch. Scarlet gets the first ride on Robby’s cock as she lays back in Andi’s arms and lets him give it to her. Once Andi has ensured that Scarlet is enjoying herself, she climbs on her friend’s mouth so she can ride Scarlet’s tongue while Scarlet continues to get fucked. Robby gets on the couch next so Andi can mount him and go to town bouncing on his hardon in reverse cowgirl while Scarlet rubs Andi’s clit. Getting on her hands and knees, Scarlet takes a pussy pounding next with Andi squeezing and licking her BFF’s ass. Their threesome winds down with Andi on her back and Robby between her thighs, pounding her to a climax. He pulls out a second later, guiding his cum shot onto Andi’s muff in the closing act of what has turned out to be a very merry Christmas romp.

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